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How to take perfect penalties in FIFA 17

While the spot kicks in previous versions of the game were childs play, this edition has seen a major overhaul.

Since the release of the latest installation of EA Sports’ FIFA series, every second user has had a problem while taking penalties in the game. While the spot kicks in previous versions of the game were child’s play, this edition has seen a major overhaul.

The user, now, can control everything from the length, speed and direction of the run to the usual power and direction of the shot. While the additions were made keeping in mind the game is as life-like as possible, it has, to a large extent, baffled the humongous user base of the game.

It has been almost eight months since the game was released, but there are still quite a few users who are finding it difficult to master the penalties. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you manage to control the direction of the kick.

Once the player takes his position, the user can then determine which direction to hit the ball in using the left stick. Next step is to decide on the shot power, which depends on the amount of time the user keeps the shoot button pressed. The longer you hold the shoot button, the harder the penalty will be shot.

One of the most important aspects here is to keep the left stick pointed in the direction of the shot as long as the in fifa 17 coins game player doesn’t shoot the ball. Moreover, the user needs to make sure the power bar doesn’t turn red – if the penalty tutorial is not switched off – as in that case, the player will sky the spot-kick.

Users also need to make sure that the shot is not too meek, and is hit with a decent power else the goalkeepers in the game easily save a grounded kick.

To really get a hold of the spot-kicks in the game, it is advisable that the users take help of the in-built skill games. They are presented with various challenges in the same which can help them master the art of penalties.

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