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3 simple ways to score more goals in FIFA 17

There’s nothing worse than fluffing a great chance on goal in FIFA 17.

Luckily, we’ve scouted around to pull together the three easiest ways to rack up your goal tally.

Let’s get started.

1. The protected shot

The trick lies in you pressing LT / L2 on the controller. You need to do it before the player gets the ball.

This will protect it from any defenders but also put your player in the perfect position to take a shot.

It’ll be much more accurate, too – giving you more control over placement.

So, how much power will you need?

If you’re in the box, which is where this technique works best, you’re going to need two bars of power.

Any more than that and you risk hoofing it into the crowd.

2. Long range finesse shots

This handy tutorial comes courtesy of Krasi, who’s found the perfect way to score from distance.

Step 1: Find the sweet spot

The best place for a finesse shot is in the middle of the pitch, just outside the area.

This is typically between 15-25 yards from the goal.

Position the player according to their strongest foot – so if they’re left footed, line them up with the left side of the goal.

Do not face the goalkeeper – it’ll just get hit straight at him.

Step 2: Get on the preferred foot

This is the most important thing – make sure when your player receives the ball they shoot with their preferred foot.

If they are right footed, direct the shot to the right post. If they’re left-footed, aim for the left.

Step 3: The power

For this to work you’ll need two and half bars of fifa 17 coins power.

Hold down the R1 / RB button depending on what console you have and press shoot.

Remember, you need to release the sprint button before shooting.

3. Change your formation

If you’re not using the 4-3-3 attack formation, then give it a go now.

It offers superb offensive potential without spreading your players too thin across the park.

It’s designed to spread the opposition defence enough for you to punch a hole through the gap down the middle.

Now, this is a really aggressive setup, so you’ll need your three strongest strikers up front.

Put your best scorer in the middle – and the two pacier players on the wings.

You’ll need a strong CAM, someone like Paul Pogba or Luka Modric (ideally with a high work rate), behind them – to deliver pinpoint passes and penetrating through balls.

Make sure to keep passes short and tight to keep turnovers to a minimum – and use your wide men to stretch the defence.

Finally, don’t forget to adjust the instructions tab.

Set the left wing and right wing to Drift Wide/Get Behind, the middle striker to Stay Central/Get Behind and both CDMs as Aggressive Interceptions.

Switch tactics to ‘Possession’ and then you’re good to go.

Best of luck!

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